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Synergistic Technology Solutions, Inc.

Home Products Low Power AC/DC Modules

BlueCube® - LX5i

5W UL Listed Power Module
Universal Input, AC/DC Converter
Isolated / Compact / Eco-friendly

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Model # Voltage Current Power
LX5-05V-IP 5V 1000mA 5.00
LX5-12V-IP 12V 400mA 5.00
LX5-15V-IP 15V 330mA 5.00
LX5-24V-IP 24V 200mA 5.00

BlueCube power board mount modules are highly integrated and fully encapsulated AC-DC converters ideally suited for main and auxilliary power requirements in appliance, industrial and consumer product applications. The LX5i isolated series delivers up to 5 Watts at 5 to 24 Volts from a universal AC input and is an immediate UL listed drop-in power solution requiring no additional external circuitry.

Product highlights

  • Board-mount, compact AC-DC converter
  • Low cost single component solution
  • Fully integrated, no external circuitry
  • Optimized design for minimal pcb footprint
  • Universal AC input(85-265Vac)
  • High Voltage DC input (100-350Vdc)
  • Single output voltage (5V to 24V range)
  • 70°C extended operating temperature
  • Fully protected: over voltage,over power, over temperature & short circuit protection
  • Meets UL/CSA & EN product safety reqts
  • Meets EN 55014, Class B, FCC Part 15, B
  • Green energy efficient desigh
    • Meet US & int'l Energy Star regulations
    • Meets California CEC requirements
    • No-load consumption
    • RoHS Compliant


  • Home appliances, white goods
  • industrial control, auxiliary supplies
  • Stand-by power for clock, microprocessor
  • Power for remote control sensor
  • As linear transformer replacement in <10VA AC/DC applications
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