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Synergistic Technology Solutions, Inc.

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ATC1500 Series

production line test equipment for adapters / battery chargers and single voltage power supplies

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The ATC1500 series are high precision production line auto-test systems for adapters and chargers, with the fastest test time in the industry, as low as < 1 sec per test item.

Testing multiple power supplies concurrently, the 1500 improves manufacturing productivity significantly. Standard test parameters have been optimized for the specific requirements of adapters, chargers and single output power supplies making the ATC1500 the auto-tester of choice for power supply manufacturers and quality control professionals.

The ATC1500 series is available in various configurations from small portable solutions for QC testing, to full featured rack mount systems for large scale, high volume mass production environments.

Product highlights

  • Innovative compact design for testing singleoutput power supplies and battery chargers up to 150W of output power (patent pending).
  • Fastest test time in industry, as low as
  • Highly accurate. Most parameter measurements are within 0.1% accuracy.
  • Capable of measuring the standby power of a power supply accurately (< 0.3W range).
  • Capable of average eciency measurement.
  • Capable of testing with CC, CV, CR and LED loads.
  • I-V curve plotting function for CC/CV power supplies/chargers.
  • Capable of measuring inrush current.
  • Easy-to-use User Interface software enables user to generate test sequence for different power supply models quickly.
  • Test results and statistical data such as mean, standard deviation, Cpk and histogram can be generated with the click of a button.
  • Test sequence can be saved in a file and recalled later when needed.
  • Various configurations to suit different customers.

ATC1500 Benefits

  • Automatically test electrical parameters of power adaptors, chargers to eliminate human error in manual testing.
  • Increase test speed and reduce labor cost.
  • Automatically record test data and generate statistical data for Statistic Process Control (SPC).
  • Fast, accurate and easy to use.
  • Reliable and proven technology.

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