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Synergistic Technology Solutions, Inc.

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UL Information

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product-safety testing and certification organization that has been testing products for public safety for more than a century. UL services extend to helping companies achieve global acceptance, whether for an electrical device, a programmable system, or an organization's quality process.

Q: Is UL part of the government?
Q: Do I need to have the
UL Mark on my product in the U.S.?
     -- Is there a law stating that my product should have a UL Mark?
     -- Does our product require UL testing?
Q: Does UL only test electrical products?Q: Do all the UL offices, especially the international offices, offer the same services?

Q: What does "UL approved" mean?
Q: What is the difference between Listing, Recognition and Classification?
Q: If we are using all Recognized Components, does our product automatically
     become UL Listed?
Q: What do the numbers on the UL label mean?
Q: What does UL mean by the terms: Applicant, Manufacturer and Listee?

Q. How are UL Standards developed?
Q. How do I purchase a UL Standard?
Q. Do I need to buy the whole UL Standard, or can I buy just the revision?
Q. Which UL Standard applies to my product?
Q. Are there other organizations authorized to test to UL Safety Standards?
Q: Can UL provide me with information about international standards?
Q: Does UL assist manufacturers who plan to market internationally in understanding
     and complying with international standards?
Q: Does UL test to international standards?
Q: Does UL test to Canadian Standards?

• Current Catalog of Standards
• Standards pricing information
• Standards bulletins
• Scopes of UL Standards
• Scopes of all UL Outlines
• Harmonization Information
• Industry File Review Status
• Keyword Product Search for UL Standards

Procedures for Harmonizing ANCE / CSA / UL Standards

North America
Latin America

Q: How do I submit a product to UL?
Q: How do I know where to send my product to be tested?
Q: Are there any labs in China that will be able to perform UL testing?
Q: What is the advantage of applying for European and U.S. certifications for our
     products concurrently?
Q: How much does it cost and how long does it take to have a product tested?
Q: How does UL decide what category my product falls into?
Q: Who should apply to UL?
Q: Can UL recommend an outside consultant or agent to aid us in the submittal procedure?
Q: Can UL Hong Kong or UL's other Asian offices act as an agent for our application?
Q: Why are applications needed?
Q: I have a product that is already installed. Can I get a safety certification for it?
Q: How long does it take for the Engineering Department to get back to me with a
     cost estimate?
Q: Are samples required? Are they returned?
Q: How many samples will I need to send for testing?
Q: Can the initial testing be conducted at the manufacturer's plant?
Q: Where can I purchase test equipment for UL testing?
Q: Is there a way to submit a private labeled product to UL that is manufactured by
     another UL Listed company?
Q: If I am marketing in the US, Canada and Europe, which certification package best
     meets my needs?
Q: What happens if my product is found to be non-compliant?rds?
Q: Does UL test to Canadian Standards?

Q: What do I need to do to sell my product in a specific country?
Q: What is the CE Marking and how can UL assist me in getting it for my products?
Q: Is the "D" Mark accepted by other European countries?
Q: What is the CB Scheme?
Q: My product has a "T" mark approval from the Japanese Government, based on
     JET (Japan Electrical Testing Laboratories) test data. Will UL accept this approval
    and authorize use of the UL Label?
Q: How can UL help me with Russian certification?

Q: Does UL provide EMC testing services to the EMC, Radio and
     Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) or Medical Device directive?
Q: Can UL assist clients with ISO 9000 Registration?
Q: Is there any direct relationship between Quality (or Management System)
     Registration Services and the product safety services of UL?
Q: Does UL provide ISO training programs?
Q: Is UL a Telecommunications Certification Body?
Q: Is UL a European Competent Body?
Q: What EMS accreditations does UL have?


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